Why Non-Linear Workdays can Boost Employee Engagement

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I’m so glad I came across to this article that shows the growth of this new working arrangement. In here, Aaron De Smet and Laura M. Giurge provide insights on how having a non-linear schedule can boost productivity and fulfillment: https://lnkd.in/gJDT2cPR Non-Linear Workdays are basically letting employees organize their workday in a way that suits […]

Multitasking and Meetings are Killing Productivity

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So many times I’ve heard leaders praising people by their “multitasking skills”. Yet all the productivity experts are crystal clear: multitasking does not allow a flow state. And this is simply because our own brains do not multitask. They switch from one activity to the other, and every time we switch our accuracy and speed […]

3 Steps to Focus on What’s Important to You

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What if I tell you that you can actually generate more by doing less? A couple of years ago a good friend recommended a book and it has greatly changed the perspective I had about being productive. After 20+ years of corporate experience I was always feeling I wasn’t doing enough and my day didn’t […]