Self-growth is a never ending job,
yet one of the most rewarding ones.

If you are here because you want to start your self-improvement journey or you want to continue working to be your best version, this is what we have to offer:

Leadership Coaching

Leadership Coaching

Whether you are going through a transition in your career, want to envision the next chapter of your professional life, want to accomplish that next career goal, leadership coaching has proven to be a successful tool to get the results you want.

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Interview Coaching

If you are in the process of looking for a new job, our interview coaching can help you:

– discover and communicate effectively your personal branding
– improve your interview skills to adapt to any style of interview
– master your confidence through focus preparation

During our coaching sessions, we will work together to:
– Master your storytelling, aligning your Resume, Linked-in Profile and Elevator-Pitch to your strengths and wins.
– Prepare your strategy for job-based interviews through mock-up interviews and real-time feedback.
– Develop your confidence and emotional intelligence to win the interviewer’s heart.

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Personal Growth Workshops

Personal Growth Workshops

We offer online workshops designed to have experiential learning; they provide actionable insights and tools you can put in practice right away. 

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“Laura stands out as a true partner, pushing me to dig down to identify my priorities, but most of all she impressed me for her listening capabilities and insights. I felt re-energized at the end of our journey: I revamped my motivations and put together an actionable plan which has been a guiding resource since.“
Alessandro LabelliHead of InsurTech, MercadoLibre
“After 10+ years in the corporate environment, I hit a point where I really needed help and advice. Laura was able to meet me exactly where I was and created a safe space to explore my next career move. She approaches with empathy, surfaces current data trends, and I felt like she understood my situation. After three months of working with Laura, I was able to clearly see the direction I wanted to go and had new tools to achieve it! Laura is
a key reason I’m in a better spot in
my career and overall happier
in life.”
Bri O’ConnellRecruitment, Amazon
“I only have words of gratitude for Laura, for facilitating this process, for her active listening, for creating a space of trust to open up and for sharing her tools and knowledge… Because behind the process there is a lot of hard work, study, and experience. She’s a great guide, not just to facilitate the self-awareness needed to have a steady starting point but also to find the action plan needed to create new habits and take the steps towards the goals set.”
Celina LestaSustainability and Corporate Responsibility Specialist

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