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If you are a leader or an HR practitioner that is looking for effective solutions to advance culture, leadership and engagement in your organization, Stamina can help.

Develop Your

From one-to-one coaching to participative and actionable workshops, we specialize in creating challenging and trusting spaces where people can express themselves and learn.

Transform your
HR Practices

We leverage our field expertise to provide consultancy services on talent practices and processes from a true partner perspective. We know how to design initiatives that can get implemented and achieve results.


Coaching, Leadership Training and Consultancy Services clients



Leadership Coaching

Whether you need to support job transitions, prepare your leaders for that next step, or help leaders develop their competencies, we offer coaching focused on behavioral change and tangible progress.

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Business Leadership Coaching
Training for leaders and teams

Leadership Training

We offer virtual and in person training for leaders and teams on Engagement, Feedback, Inclusion and Leadership Practices. Check our offer below or ask for a consultation meeting to explore your organizations needs:

  • The Anatomy of Employee Engagement – Workshop
  • Getting Feedback Right – Workshop
  • Inclusive Leadership Behaviors – Workshop
  • The Leader as Coach – Program

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We can help you design effective initiatives, processes and
practices on the following areas:


Employee engagement is one of the main topics on every management conversation. We can help you design engagement initiatives that move the needle by generating safe and inclusive working environments.

Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity is fundamental for our companies to thrive, yet there is still plenty to do when it comes to creating a workplace that provides a non biased, safe space for people to bring their true selves.

Feedback & Performance

We have been trained on feedback for years, yet employees say we can do better at providing feedback that improves performance. Whether you are trying to define the best performance-feedback process for your organization or you are trying to leverage the existing one, we can help.

Career Development

We have reinvented every HR/People practice except for Career Development. Still, it’s clear that the way we see career progression is the same as 50 years ago. If you need to rethink career development, we have you covered.
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People Analytics

If your organization needs to measure what is actually important, we can help define your People Analytics strategy in alignment with your business and HR strategy.

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