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Why Non-Linear Workdays can Boost Employee Engagement

I’m so glad I came across to this article that shows the growth of this new working arrangement. In here, Aaron De Smet and Laura M. Giurge provide insights on how having a non-linear schedule can boost productivity and fulfillment:

Non-Linear Workdays are basically letting employees organize their workday in a way that suits them best.

As the experts explain:

  • It’s focused on OUTCOMES instead of time and effort.
  • It boosts PRODUCTIVITY as it allows people to work in smaller creative sessions when they are at their best.
  • It can help prevent BURNOUT, as it redresses the balance between asynchronous work and overwork.

For me, they are an excellent practice that tackles engagement as it:

  • Provides FLEXIBILITY, the number 1 workers request after the pandemic.
  • Boosts MEANINGFULNESS at work and outside work, as individuals can better balance their life priorities.
  • Increases WELLBEING as it enables the possibility of taking care of yourself when you need it.

The question is then: are organizations ready? The answer probably lies in the mindset shift leadership needs to embrace to guarantee trust and at the same time guidance to implement such a different way of work.

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